Is It Down Right Now?

We’ve all been there. You can’t access a website and wonder if it’s really down for everyone or just you. Is It Down Right Now? will quickly test any site you enter from their servers and let you know if it’s working. In addition to their tests, they also rely on crowd-sourcing to report possible outages. The example below shows that Trello was working according to their test, but an alert let me know that some users had reported issues. 


While it doesn’t fall directly in the EdTech category, it’s a handy tool to keep in your bookmarks. You’ll find similar sites, like Down for Everyone or Just Me?, but I prefer Is It Down Right Now? for their extra features like troubleshooting instructions (if a site you can’t access is up), and a bookmarklet that lets you check a site’s status from your bookmarks bar.

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Nick LaFave

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