Disrupting Racism – Resources for Educators

This site has served as a platform for sharing resources with educators. While those resources tend to be technology-based, it’s never really about the technology. This site exists to help teachers create more meaningful, engaging, and relevant learning experiences for all students. This week I’m choosing to share resources surrounding a much more important topic. To post about anything else would be irresponsible. 

Disrupting Racism - Resources for Educators

“Educators play a central role in the perpetuation of anti-black racism in our society”

– Dr. Tracey Benson

Dr. Tracey Benson, in Larry Ferlazzo’s post, What Educators Should – and Should Not Do – in Response to George Floyd’s Death, emphasizes the need for educators to go beyond posting social media sentiments and deliberately plan ways to disrupt racism within their circle of influence. The first thing Dr. Benson suggests that educators do is to learn more about the legacy of racism; he points out that it’s not acceptable to “absolve oneself of responsibility because of lack of know-how.” It is my hope that this collection of resources helps my readers take steps in that direction. 

Resources for Educators

More Resources

The embedded Google Doc by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Kleinbelow has been widely circulated on social media. It’s not teacher-specific, but it contains some great resources including books, podcasts, articles, films, TV series, and organizations.

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