Getting Started with #BookSnaps

What are #BookSnaps?

#BookSnaps provide fun visual ways to share our reactions to what we read. This post provides my quick take on #BookSnaps built on my experience working with teachers and students. For a more comprehensive look at #BookSnaps, please check out the amazing work of their founder, Tara Martin.

#BookSnaps: Getting Started

After sharing some examples of #BookSnaps, I spend a few minutes helping students think about what types of text might make a good #BookSnap.

While reading think about how the text makes you feel.

  • images that pop into your mind.
  • what this reminds you about.
  • predictions, connections, or questions you have.

Making a Book Snap

Choose an App

While #BookSnaps, started out as a creative way of leveraging the popularity of SnapChat to encourage reading, really, any app that allows them to insert and annotate photos will work. I’m a big fan of encouraging students to choose the best app for the task at hand. I’ve seen great #BookSnaps created with Seesaw, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Keynote, Pic Collage, Book Creator, and even Flipgrid, just to name a few.

Take a Picture of the Book Cover

Not all teachers require this step, but I like when students include a picture of the book cover. I’ve found several great books to read from seeing other people’s #BookSnaps online. They also make for great hallway and classroom displays that can help students discover new books. It’s helpful to show the title and author.

Take a Picture of the Page

Once students have found a passage they want to share, they should take a picture of the page.

Make a #BookSnap

Point Out What You Want to Share

Circle, underline, add an arrow, or highlight the passage you want to share.

Add Annotations, Emojis, and Images

Add text, emojis, and images to describe any reflections, predictions, connections, or questions you have. Make sure that the emojis and images help explain your annotations. Spend some time resizing and positioning your text. Be careful not to block the passage with your annotations.

BookSnap Example

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