Back to School iPad Activities

Nothing is more important than building strong relationships during the first days of school. When you’re ready to break out the iPads, consider these two awesome activities to help students learn more about each other.

Back to School iPad Activities

All About Me

Apple has created a fun activity to help students learn more about each other. It’s available on the Apple Teacher Learning Center, so you’ll need to sign in with an Apple ID. The activity asks students to create a silhouette-profile image of themselves in Keynote and add shapes that represent their interests. Learn more about it in the project overview video below.

Modified Directions for iPad Users

Unfortunately few students truly resemble the pre-made silhouettes. They provide a good starting point when the can be modified on a MacBook, but unfortunately, they can’t be modified on an iPad. That’s why I prefer to have students create their silhouette.

Student Directions

Create a Silhouette

  1. Stand in front of a solid background.
  2. Ask your partner to take a side view picture of you with your iPad.
  3. Open Keynote and add a blank slide.
  4. Add your side view photo to the slide.
  5. Tap + at the top of the screen.
  6. Tap the media icon on the right side of the drop-down menu.
  7. Tap DRAWING.
  8. Outline yourself in the photo with the color fill tool.
  9. Tap DONE at the top of the screen.
  10. Select the photo (NOT the drawing), and tap DELETE.
Create a Silhouette in Keynote

Add Shapes

  • Add shapes that represent your interests (favorite things, what you’re proud of, hobbies, favorite subjects, etc.)
Add Shapes in Keynote

Get Creative

  • Reposition and rotate shapes, change their color and size.
  • Optional: add animations.
All About Me Examples
All About Me Examples

Beginning of the Year Selfie Bingo

Fellow Apple Distinguished Educator, Holly Mecher, took the traditional beginning of the year bingo and gave it a new twist. Her Keynote template asks students to find classmates who meet certain descriptions, take their picture and type their name. The first student to get four in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) wins.

Beginning of Year Selfie Bingo

After downloading and modifying the template, simply distribute it to your students. Photo placeholders make it easy for students to add pictures of their classmates with just three clicks.

Beginning of Year Bingo

Download the Selfie Bingo Template

Find other great resources on Holly’s blog.

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