View the Edit History of a Cell in Google Sheets

Whether multiple students are adding data to a class spreadsheet or I’m sharing a sheet with colleagues, real-time collaboration is my favorite feature in Google Sheets. Unfortunately, it’s easy for collaborators to make changes to the wrong cells. Now it’s easier than ever to view the edit history of a cell in Google Sheets.

View Cell History in Google Sheets

While using Sheets today, I noticed a newly added feature. Select the cell of interest, right-click, and select Show edit history. You can view who made the last edit to the cell, when it was last edited, and what change was made. Clicking on the back arrow allows you to scroll through all changes made to that cell.

Show Edit History Google Sheets

It’s easy to accidentally change the wrong cell in a spreadsheet, now you can quickly backtrack on your edits. I’ve also experienced a few issues with students intentionally editing another student’s data. Now you can check the edit history of a cell with just three clicks. It’s so much easier than the previous method of manually going through a sheet’s version history.

Edit History Google Sheets

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