A Voice Controlled Teleprompter? Yes, Please!


A Voice Controlled Teleprompter

Until now, teleprompter solutions were restricted to either setting the speed and hoping you can keep up / match its pace, or a series of slides that require the use of a remote or another person to scroll through for you. Teleprompt.me advances your script in the most natural way possible: Using your voice.

A Free Teleprompter That Will Exceed Your Expectations

Teleprompt.me uses your computer’s built in microphone to automatically scroll through your script as you speak. Not only is it free, but it performs nearly perfectly. I was impressed by how well Teleprompt.me kept up while reading fast, skipping words, or inserting words. It didn’t miss a beat. The only downside I have found is that it currently only works with the Chrome desktop browser (sorry, mobile devices).

Teleprompt.me GIF

Automatic Text Formatting 

Our morning news program uses Google Slides as a teleprompter. It can be time consuming to reformat text for individual slides when we are given new material to record.  With Teleprompt.me,just paste your text and it is automatically formatted.

It’s Easy to Use

  1. Go to Teleprompt.me.
  2. Paste or type your text.
  3. Choose your preferred font color and size.
  4. Start reading.

Teleprompters in the Classroom

Teleprompters are incredibly helpful for a variety of multimedia projects like podcasts, videos, news programs. I’ve also been impressed with the positive effect using a teleprompter has had on improving reading fluency with the students I work with.

How Do You Use Teleprompters in the Classroom?

Share your ideas in the comments below, or on Twitter.

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