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ZooBurst provides students with a quick and easy way to create interactive 3D Pop-Up Books that can be shared online.  This is a great resource for creative digital storytelling assignments.  Free accounts allow users to create up to 10 books with 10 pages each, while paid accounts offer many more features including tools for teachers to manage classes.

Create Interactive 3-D Digital Pop-Up Books - Augmented Reality in the ClassroomA Spanish class assignment on zoo animals that I found in the gallery can be explored below, or by clicking here.  Clicking the exclamation points above the characters will display text of play a sound.

The editing interface is quite intuitive and directions are always just a click away.  A complete user manual is also available for download.

ZooBurst Editor

Books can be shared using a link, or embedded in a class website or blog.  Any book can also be viewed in Augmented Reality using your computers webcam and a printed AR Marker.  Augmented Reality gives the pop-up book the appearance of floating anywhere you hold the printed AR Marker.  Clicking “Always on Screen” will display the book at the bottom of your screen and even allow you to flip pages with hand motions.




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