Popplet – take concept maps to the next level.

Thinking Maps, Concept Maps, Mind Maps, Brainstorming Clouds, Graphic Organizers… whatever you call them, Popplet makes creating them online fun!

A free account allows you to make and store 5 free concept maps or “Popplets.”  You can make more if you delete previous Popplets; you just can’t have anymore than 5 saved at a time with a free account.

It’s pretty simple:

  • Double click on the screen to add a bubble or “Popple.”
  • Type in the Popple to add text.
  • Change the Popple color or font size with a mouse click.
  • You can draw in a Popple with your mouse or add an image from your computer, YouTube, Facebook, or Flickr.
  • Drag your mouse to resize or move Popples.

Clicking on the question mark at the top of the screen pulls up a quick, 9-step tutorial.

You can share your Popplets on Facebook, Twitter, via email, copying a link, or an embed code.

You can even allow those you share with to edit, allowing for collaboration in real-time (although I have experienced a fair amount of lag, but nothing to really complain about).

My students picked up Popplet quickly.  I’ve used it to create timelines for instruction and to brainstorm my last presentation – perfect for visual learners.

iPad users should check out the app: 

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