Engaging Writing Prompts and a Platform for Publishing Student Work

Engaging Writing Prompts and a Platform for Publishing Student Work


Write About is a “classroom writing community and publishing platform.” What makes it a powerful EdTech tool is a combination of engaging writing prompts and a flexible platform for publishing student work.

Writing Prompts

Engaging Writing Prompts

Built on the premise that “Engaged students write more,” Write About empowers students to choose from a wide array of engaging writing prompts. Teachers can scaffold choices and assignments from thousands of writing ideas. Each prompt includes an engaging image and provides teachers with the opportunity to record audio instructions.

Types of Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are categorized across 8 genres that make it easy to find prompts for nearly any subject area.

  • Personal Narrative / Essay / Reflection
  • Fictional Narrative / Story
  • Persuasive / Argument / Opinion
  • Instructional / Functional
  • Literature Response
  • Expository / Explanatory
  • Poetry
  • Lists

The prompts are further categorized into 19 categories including adventure and fantasy, science, hobbies and fun, sports and recreation, and literature.

Authentic and Safe Publishing

Nobody likes writing for an audience of 1. Write About’s approach to publishing student work is very flexible. Teachers have complete control of publishing. They can choose to allow students to publish their writing publicly (only first name is displayed), or require teacher approval prior to sharing. Student work can also be shared within groups (writing communities) to provide a more focussed way for students to get peer feedback as well as read and comment on the work of other students.

Feedback and Revision

In addition to peer feedback, teachers are able to annotate student writing and leave voice or written comments through the entire writing process.

Teacher Feedback

Engagement and Growth Data

Write About’s student statistics allow teachers to analyze whole-class, or individual student activity in several ways. From the number of drafts and words written to the number of comments made by students, it’s easy to monitor student progress.

Write About Data


Free accounts are limited to 5 posts per student. Unlimited writing for an individual teacher and their students is $49.95/year, and school-wide accounts are available for $995.

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