iOS 10 Features Teachers Need to Know About – Guest Post by Bill Pratt

iOS 10 Features Teachers Need to Know AboutRemoved from iOS 10 Lock Screen

Guest Post by Bill Pratt

As students update to iOS 10, a few major changes might make them think their iPad isn’t working properly. Here’s a heads-up on three features to keep you ahead of the panic.

No More Slide to Unlock

To sign in/log in, you no longer swipe. You have to press the home button and the lock code screen appears or opens the home screen if no lock code. Assistive touch still works on the lock screen too if students’ home button isn’t working (learn more about using assistive touch as a home button).

Unlock iOS 10

A New Way to Access your Camera

The camera feature from the lock screen is now changed. Instead of swiping the camera icon up from the bottom of the lock screen, all you have to do is swipe right to left on the lock screen and the camera automatically becomes active.

Camera from Lock Screen iOS 10

Volume Controls Have Moved

The volume option in the control panel (when you swipe up from the bottom) is now “hidden” in a second control panel. This panel is accessed by swiping right to left on the control panel itself.

iOS 10 Volume Controls

About Bill Pratt

Bill Pratt is a Technology Integration Specialist at Clover School District. Connect with Bill on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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