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Word Clouds in Any Browser – WordItOut


If your favorite word cloud generator no longer seems to work, give WordItOut a try. I recently ran into a couple of problems while using Chrome: Tagxedo requires that you install a Silverlight plug-in, and Wordle requires Java. Neither of these popular options seem to play well with today’s browsers.  I stumbled upon WordItOut while searching for a word cloud generator that worked in my browser.

Word Cloud - Ed Tech

A Word Cloud generated from the text of ISTE’s “The Hottest Topics in Ed Tech.”

Easy to Use

Just type or paste the text you want to make a cloud for.  You Make a Word Cloudcan also create word clouds for entire websites; WordItOut automatically detects URLs and pulls in the text from the linked site.  Like most word cloud generators, WordItOut determines word size by the frequency in which the word appears in the original text.  You can also designate which words and/or punctuation marks to leave out of the word cloud.

The Bottom Line

WordItOut features some advertising, and users are required to enter and verify an email address before they can download their word clouds.  Overall, the word clouds look great, and the best part is that it seems to work in just about any browser.

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