50 Free Tech Tools for the 21st Century Classroom – Summer 2016

50 Free Tech Tools for the 21st Century Classroom – Summer 2016

Links and resources from my workshops, presentations, and conferences.50 Free Tech Tools

Communication & Formative Assessment


Formative Assessment / Student Response Systems

Observational AssessmentClasscraft

Planning & Content Sharing

Lesson Planning

Content SharingSnippQR

Teaching with Video

Video Tools

Screencasting & Video Editing

Tell a Story

Animated Video & Video PresentationsCreate Amazing Presentations and Animated Videos

Story Books & Interactive Storiesmeme - galileo

Comic Strips

Interactive Timelines

Visual Media & Design

Virtual Impersonation

Memes & Posters


Design Tools

Copyright-Friendly Images

* Check out my Free Guide to Finding Copyright-Friendly Images for Educational Use

One More Thing…

Let Me Google That For You

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Becky Coulter

Thanks! Great info! Love it all and really hope to use Quizzizz and Remind.


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