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Monitoring Environmental Change with iPads

Monitoring Environmental Change with iPadsI’m excited to announce that my One Best Thing iBook is now available! Most of you know that I’m an EdTech nerd; what many people might not know is that I’m also an outdoor educator.  In an effort to help teachers engage students through the simultaneous use of technology and nature experience, this book connects those two worlds.  It’s a guide for creating an effective environmental monitoring program using iPads.  It also provides strategies to help students analyze data they collect in meaningful ways while taking part in real science.

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Building the Hybrid Mind with Nature & Technology

Excerpt from the introduction:

I’m a tech nerd. I’m also an outdoor educator who loves nature. While those two viewpoints may seem on opposite ends of the spectrum, I find them absolutely complimentary. I was happy to find I wasn’t alone when I started reading Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle. Louv is certainly not anti-technology; in fact, supported by mountains of research, Louv advocates for the developing of a “hybrid mind.” As he states in his book, The Nature Principle, “Utilizing both technology and nature experience will increase our intelligence, creative thinking, and productivity, giving birth to the hybrid mind.” To that end, his book aims to help teachers utilize technology and nature experience simultaneously.

Science standards have called for the use of cameras as an observation tool for decades; and with many students carrying high definition digital cameras in their pockets on a daily basis, one might expect to see cameras playing more of a significant role in science classrooms. This book will show many examples of how to use digital photography as a means of collecting useful data and contribute to the scientific community’s understanding of how organisms and ecosystems are responding to climate change.

Excerpt From: Nick LaFave. “Monitoring Environmental Change with iPads.” Nick LaFave, 2016. iBooks.


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