Learning Apps Gone Free – March 23, 2016

This Week’s Paid Learning Apps Gone Free

This week’s learning apps gone free feature some fun math, a cool way to make wireless presentations, and a great way to get started composing songs.

All apps free as of March 23, 2016. Please verify app prices before downloading.

Kids Math Fun AppKids Math Fun — First Grade

Was $1.99 – Now Free
iPad, iPhone

This application encourages First Grade children to practice the addition of a double digit (0-99) number with a single digit (0-9) number (without carrying), and the subtraction of a single digit (0-9) number from a double digit (0-99) number (without borrowing or negative answers).

App Store

PresentPerfect AppPresentPerfect: Wireless Presentations with Live Voting

Was $2.99 – Now Free
iPad, iPhone

PresentPerfect is a new, Post-PC era take on improving and personalizing presentations. Control a presentation on iPads from another iPad, iPhone or iPod Touches, simultaneously and wirelessly over local Wi-Fi – no Internet needed. Display it seamlessly on one or more external screens or projectors attached to iPads. Without PCs, without wires, without extra settings.

App Store

Little Trumpet HD

Was $1.99 – Now FreeLittle Trumpet App

– beautiful artwork
– eight colored valves
– six additional hidden vales for more advanced players
– built in lessons
– touch sensitive notes which play every melody for you
– built in children’s songs
– unique ear training that is FUN to use

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