The Easiest Way to Create a Video Diary of the Upcoming School Year

1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

Imagine an engaging 3-minute video that captures every day of the upcoming school year. Now imagine an app that makes it easy to create such a video with minimal effort and no video editing. Even better, the app is free: 1 Second Everyday for iOS and Android.

Select Your Moments

Clicking on the calendar in the app’s timeline will pull up any video or pictures taken on the selected day. Tap a video and view it to choose the 1-second segment you would like to include; preview your 1-second snippet and tap Trim. The selected snippet is saved to your timeline.

Photos can also be used as snippets; similar to video, you can select a 1-second segment from Live Photos on iPad/iPhone. If a day has no photos or videos, you can skip that day or choose a photo/video taken on any other day.

Create Your Video with Three Clicks

Tap Mash under your timeline to have all of your snippets stitched together into one continuous video. Each snippet will automatically show the date from your timeline in the bottom-left corner. Days without a snippet are simply skipped.

What are Your Ideas for Using 1 Second Everyday?

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