How to Remove the Background from Pictures of People in 3 Clicks

Remove the Background Automatically, short for “remove background” is the easiest way to remove the background from photos of people. Just upload or share the URL of a photo and the background will be removed instantly. Currently, it only works with images containing at least one person.

Remove Background from Image

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Removing the background from images can be tedious. removed the background from every picture I have tested as soon as it was uploaded without the need for additional selecting of pixels or outlining of people. It just works; automatically. What makes this site so accurate is that it uses artificial intelligence to detect people in the image; everything else is considered background and therefore removed.

Get Creative

With, students can get green screen affects without a green screen. Just remove the background from an image and use overlay it on the background of your choice. You don’t need a special app, just add your background to any file (document, presentation, etc.) then drop your background-free image on top.

RemoveBG - No Green Screen Required

More Than People?

Background Burner is a great tool for removing the background form pictures that aren’t of people. For those pictures, I recommend Background Burner.

How will you use in the classroom?

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