Supercharge Your Digital Whiteboard with 10 Essential Classroom Tools

Supercharge Your Digital Whiteboard:
How to Put 10 Essential Classroom Tools at Your Fingertips


ClassroomScreen is a site that puts more than ten frequently used teacher tools in one place. Just set your home screen to for one-click access to a digital whiteboard, random name picker, classroom timer, noise level monitor, QR code generator, and more.


Traditional Digital Whiteboard Features

Traditional whiteboard drawing features launch in either a full screen or sub-window. Basic text editing is available for those who prefer to type.

Frequently Used Teacher Tools at Your FingertipsRandom Name Picker

Random Name Picker

I’m always looking for a quick, random name picker. Just copy and paste your student’s names, or upload a .txt file, and you’ll be all set.

QR Code Generator

QR codes are still one of the easiest ways to share links in classrooms with mobile devices. Now you can quickly generate a QR code for a website in seconds and have it immediately displayed to your students.

Visual Reminder Tools

Work Symbols and Traffic LightWork Symbols

Visual reminders are a great way to communicate expectations and help students self-monitor their environment. Teachers can display work symbols for silence, whisper, ask neighbor, and work together. A clickable traffic light is also available.

Sound Level

Sound Level is a noise monitor that displays noise levels, switching from a green bar to a red bar once it has passed the teacher-selected threshold. You can also adjust microphone sensitivity for your setting.

Noise Meter

Keeping Time

Teaches always need access to timers. In addition to a clock, you can launch a stopwatch or countdown timer with one click.

Exit Poll

I’m a big fan of anything that makes it easier to do a quick, yet informative exit ticket. The ExitPoll feature allows the teacher to post a question, or use the default “What did you think of today’s lesson?”. Students tap on one of the sad/smiley face emojis as they walk by the board on the way out. The results are presented as a graph to provide teachers with quick feedback.

Exit Poll

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