How to Scan QR Codes with Google Chrome for iOS

How to Scan QR Codes with Google Chrome for iOS

If Google Chrome is your preferred browser on your iPad or iPhone, scanning QR codes can be a frustrating experience. Unfortunately you can’t change your default browser in iOS, so any QR codes you scan will open in Safari. Chrome for iOS now has a solution built right into the browser.

How to Scan QR Codes with Chrome

Step One: In the Chrome app just tap in the address bar, or the search box at

Chrome QR Scan 1

Step Two: Tap the QR icon on the top left side of the pop-up keyboard.

Chrome QR Scan 2

Step Three: Scan the QR Code.

Chrome QR Scan 3

You can also access Chrome’s QR scanning feature by swiping down on the iPad’s home screen, search QR and select “Scan QR Code” under Chrome.

Extra Feature: Scanning a barcode brings up search results for the barcode’s product.

Scan QR Codes with Chrome Poster

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