Transfer Files the Easy Way – No More Emailing Attachments – with dropittome

Transfer Files the Easy Way – No More Emailing Attachments – with

Share Files the Easy Way

What’s the Easiest Way to Have Someone Send You a File?

  • They could share a Dropbox or Google Drive link, but unfortunately not everyone uses cloud storage.
  • Emailing attachments is pretty limited in terms of file size.
  • Airdrop is great if you’re an iOS user, but you need to be in close proximity to the sender.

Streamline the way people transfer files to you with dropittome. It’s a free service that allows people to drop files directly to a folder in Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.  I use dropittome often when having colleagues share files with me. I don’t recommend using this with students. Many other better options exist (like any free LMS).

Create Upload Pages

You can create multiple upload pages. Each page can have a unique address and password.  To create a page:

  1. Choose which of your cloud storage site you would like to use (Google Drive, Drobox, or OneDrive).
  2. Customize your page name / url.
  3. Enter a password that users will enter when uploading files.
  4. Give your page a title and description.
  5. Select to be notified via email of new uploads (optional)
File Sharing Page

Receiving Files

Once your page has been created, you can share the link and password. When users visit the link ( they will be prompted to enter the password you created. Then users will be prompted to select or drag and drop the file(s) they want to share.


Retrieving Files

After creating your first page, you’ll see a “dropittome” folder in the corresponding cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive). Each of your pages will have their own folder in your dropittome folder where the shared files will be stored (i.e. My Drive > dropittome > YOUR PAGE).

Happy Sharing!

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