MacBook Assistive Technology for Inclusive Learning

Mac Assistive Technology Physical and Motor SkillsPart 3: Physical and Motor Skills

Switch Control

  • For anyone with significantly impaired physical and motor skills.
  • Use a variety of adaptive devices such as a switch, a joystick, a keyboard space bar, or even a single tap on the Multi-Touch trackpad for easy control.
  • Navigate onscreen keyboards, menus, and the Dock using a system commonly referred to as scanning.

Slow Keys

  • Adjusts the sensitivity of the keyboard to process only the keystrokes you mean to make.
  • Builds in a delay between when a key is pressed and when it’s entered.
  • Adjust the delay and choose to have a sound play when a key is entered.

MacBook Slow KeysMacBook Sticky KeysSticky Keys

  • Press keys one at a time, instead of simultaneously, to enter commands.
  • Enter a key combination — such as Command-S (for Save)
  • Each pressed key is displayed, accompanied by a sound effect, so you can make sure the right keys are entered.


More than 50 editing and formatting commands.
Tell your Mac to:

  • bold a paragraph
  • delete a sentence
  • replace a word

Create your own dictation commands with Automator workflows.

MacBook Dictation

Mouse KeysMacBook Mouse Keys

For individuals who experience difficulty using a mouse or keypad.

  • Control the cursor with a numeric keypad.
  • Press a number key as the mouse button.
  • Use other number keys to move around the screen or to drag and drop items.

Onscreen Keyboard

Use a pointing device instead of a keyboard.

  • A keyboard image floats above other applications
  • “Type” using a mouse or other pointing device.
  • Turn on Sticky Keys to enter keyboard shortcuts via the onscreen keyboard.


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