MacBook Assistive Technology for Inclusive Learning

Part 4: Learning and LiteracyMac Assistive Technology Learning and Literacy

Simple Finder

Reduces the Dock to just three folders.

  • Limit the list of apps a student can open to only the ones you choose, so students can stay focused.
  • Files, folders, and apps are displayed in a single window of neatly arranged icons so everything is easier to find.


MacBook Dictionary

Quick access to definitions and synonyms that help with grammar, spelling, and pronunciation.

Two Ways:

  1. Two-Finger Click on a word and select “Look Up Word.”
  2. Three-Finger Tap on a word.

Text to Speech

Highlight any text, and Alex will read it aloud.

  • Choose from other male or female voices.
  • Adjust the speaking rate.
  • Choose from over 70 voices spanning 42 languages.

Word CompletionMacBook Word Completion

Help with vocabulary and word-building skills.

  • Available in apps such as TextEdit and Pages.
  • Type a few letters, press the Escape key and OS X suggests words.
  • Select the word you want, and OS X completes it for you.

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