5 TED Talks for Educators

Five TED Talks for Educators5 TED Talks for Educators

My 4th Annual Collection of TED Talks for Educators

When I shared 5 Ted Talks That Changed My Classroom four years ago, I had no idea it would be a popular enough post to turn it into a tradition. This year brings five talks that should be viewed by anyone who plays a role in education today. This collection pushes us to challenge the status quo, from the benefits of letting second-graders use power tools, to what makes Firefox and Chrome users outperform Internet Explorer and Safari users.

TED Talks for Teachers - Gever TulleyFive Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do
– Gever Tulley

This funny talk by the founder of the Tinkering School raises some great questions along with a few eyebrows. I won’t spoil the five things for you – have a look.

TED Talks for Teachers - Malcolm LondonHigh School Training Ground
– Malcolm London

Some of the most powerful words delivered in any TED Talk, all in under 2 1/2 minutes. From dogmatic homework policies to grading systems that reward compliance I’m afraid this is an accurate reflection for too many students in too many schools.

Conrad WolframTeaching Kids Real Math with Computers
– Conrad Wolfram

A critical look at our severely outdated approach to teaching math. Wolfram not only destroys arguments that defend the status-quo, he also offers ideas on how to revolutionize math education.

  • TED Talks for Teachers - Adam GrantThe Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers
    – Adam Grant

  • Learn what can be predicted about your job performance based on the internet browser you use. Most important, see why you should embrace bad ideas, procrastination, and failure if you want to boost creativity.

TED Talks for Teachers - Elise RoyWhen We Design for Disability, We All Benefit
– Elise Roy

How to design a better world for all by coupling the unique experiences of people with disabilities with the process of design thinking.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the implications of using this approach when designing learning experiences, and the tremendous benefit to all learners.

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