Learning Apps Gone Free – October 21, 2016

This Week’s Paid Learning Apps Gone Free

Learning Apps Gone Free:

  • iSchool – School Diary: a student planner / study organizer.
  • Outland – Space Journey: explore space with 20 stunning time-lapse videos
  • Read4Kids – Kids Learn to Read in 20 Easy Lessons: a combination of phonics and whole language to teach kids how to read.

All apps free as of October 21, 2016. Please verify app prices before downloading.

iSchool - School diary

iSchool - School diary

by Offsiteteam

i-School is a study organizer and Timetable Schedule Planner, both for schools and universities. Very minimalistic but has everything you need. Convenient class and study-schedule, textbooks, homework and notes are attached to classes; homework notifications


Outland - Space Journey

Outland - Space Journey

by Vito Technology Inc.

***Best of 2016!***
Outland is the app for creating an atmosphere of space journey right in your living-room. Hook up your device to TV or open it up on Apple TV to enjoy the beauty of space. The app plays beautiful videos accompanied with nicely

1.99 USD


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