How to Open Multiple Tabs with One URL and One Click

Open Multiple Tabs with One ClickOpenMultiple Tabs with One URL and One Click – URL Extender


It’s easy to save and share links, but I prefer the idea of sharing one URL that will open multiple links with one click.  URL Extender allows me to do exactly that.  I previously shared BridgeURL as a way to share multiple links with one URL. While Bridge URL makes a playlist of your links, URL Extender opens each link in a separate tab.

How to Open Multiple Tabs with One Click

How Does This Make My Life Easier?

I’m a fan of browser tabs. Anyone who has seen me working knows that I rarely have any less than 6-10 browser tabs open at a time. During presentations I have to make a conscious effort to close them out, I have even turned to tools like One Tab to help, but opening individual links can be time consuming when your in front of a class or audience.  Now I can take up to 10 links, add them to URL Extender, and open them all with one click in the middle of a presentation.

Create Your Extended URL in 3 Steps

Go to No account is required, in fact you it’s not even an option.

Combine URLs
  1. Paste each URL on a separate line (up to 10 URLS).
  2. Click “Submit.”
  3. Copy and share your URL.Extend URL

Give it a try

Click on this link to open 10 posts about formative assessment.

NOTE: You will need to disable the popup blocker in your browser in order for Extended URL to work. You can also allow popups for just URL Extender. Here’s a tutorial to show you how.



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