Make Awesome Photo Quotes with Quotes Cover

Make Awesome Photo Quotes with Photo QuoteQuotes Cover

It seems that photo quotes just  keep gaining in popularity. In an age where practically everything is visual, it’s no wonder that we even share our favorite quotes as images. Tools like Recite, and Quozio have made it easy to share words of inspiration in an eye-catching way.  Quotes Cover is another great tool for creating photo quotes in just three steps.

Step 1: Choose Wording

a. Search for a quote using keywords, OR type your quote under “Custom Wording”

b. Add the author’s name.

c. Click “Next Step.”Choose a Quote

Step 2: Choose Image Dimension

Follow the prompts to select the best image size for your desired media type.  I’ve decided to go with a square image that is well-suited for both Twitter and Facebook.

Choose Image Dimension


Selct Orientation

Step 3: Designing The Quote

a. You can choose to hide quotation marks, author name, or date and time.

b. Change the font combinations.

c. Customize color combinations.

d. Save your image.

Design Photo Quote

I was going to insert a photo background, but liked the simplicity of a plain black background for this quote.

Customize Photo Quotes in Seconds

The user interface isn’t quite as friendly as those of Recite and Quozio, but Quotes Cover offers a number of options to quickly to customize your quotes and download them with one click.

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