How (and Why) to Remove Lecture From Your Classroom

How (and Why) to Remove Lecture From Your Classroom

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Why Remove Lecture From Your Classroom?

How to Remove Lecture From Your Classroom

6 Ways to Get Started Creating Videos for the Flipped Classroom

Create Instructional Videos

Off The Shelf Videos


Turn Videos into Interactive Lessons

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Nick LaFave

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Jen Molnar

Hi, Nick,
I attended your “Flipping the Classroom” presentation at NSTA in Nashville last April and have slowly started implementing some flipped lectures, using EdPuzzle. It’s awesome and there are definitely some students of mine who prefer the videos to me “talking at them!” I have run into a little roadblock, though, that I wanted to make you aware of. Apparently the videos created in EdPuzzle are associated with YouTube, and because my school blocks YouTube, I am unable to have the kids watch the videos in school. (I had hoped to introduce the videos in class at first). So it was a bit rocky at first, but now the kids know how to access the videos through my Google Classroom assignments. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about the YouTube issue (which you might already know about!)

Nick LaFave

Hi Jen. I’m glad to hear you are starting to flip, and that your students like it! Our district doesn’t block YouTube so I’m not sure about what you’re experiencing. Are you uploading videos that you have created to EdPuzzle, or using videos that you find on EdPuzzle? Does it happen when you select “search” at the top of the screen and choose something that is not on YouTube (i.e. Khan Academy or Nat. Geo)?


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