Properly Capitalize Titles Automatically

Properly Capitalize Titles Automatically

Update: We regret to inform you that TitleCap is no longer working and has been retired to the EdTech Graveyard. Don’t fear! We have found a great replacement: Capitalize My Title.


If you (or your students) are among the many people who forget which words to capitalize in a title, then you’ll love TitleCap.  Go to and start typing your title.  The free site automatically changes the capitalization of your text to create a properly formatted title.

TitleCap (1)

The site provides three choices

  • Capitalize words with four or more letters (AP style)
  • Capitalize words with five or more letters
  • Do not capitalize words based on length (Chicago Manual of Style)

Users can also choose to display four paraphrased rules that are used to determine which words to capitalize.  It’s a convenient tool, and a great way for students to check their work.

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