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Survey Students & Assign Their Top Preferences with Poll & MatchSurvey - Poll & Match

Poll & Match

Poll and Match is more than an online survey. It provides teachers with an easy way to let students rank their preferences from a list of choices, and then assign students to one of their top choices. For example, I wanted my students to make infographics of key concepts as part of a class review project.  I wanted every student to pick a unique topic so that all topics would be covered. I would normally have them pick a topic on a first-come first-served basis, but this really doesn’t provide a solid way to ensure that each student gets assigned to one of their top preferences.  Poll & Match provided a better solution that was easy to use, effective, and free.

Create a Survey & Share it With Your Students

Make a free account and click Create a Survey to get started. Enter a title and some brief instructions, then start adding your survey choices. Share your survey’s link with your students and ask them to order their preferences with their first choice at the top.

Create a Survey - Poll & Match

View Survey Results

Survey results are displayed in a heat map with dark colors representing the most replies.  Choices appear in order of popularity, with the most popular at the top. You can also view individual students’ responses in table format.
Poll Results

Assign Choices to Students

Clicking Match Poll displays each choice with a list of students in order of their indicated preference. Enter the limit (number of students) that can be assigned to each topic.  I had 14 students choosing between 7 choices.  Indicating a limit of 2 for each choice created student teams based on their preference of choice.  This is a great way to create student groups to ensure that students are choosing groups based on topic, and not who they want to work with.  Clicking Make Match will assign students to a topic that is as high on their preference list as possible.  Teachers can reorder students under each topic to determine the outcome of tie-breakers prior to making matches.  The results of the match are displayed in a table by topic.


Poll & Match provides an easy way to assign students to a choice based on their preferences.  It’s also a great way to create groups that are based on students’ preference of topic and not based on which of their friends they want to work with.

How will you use Poll & Match? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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Nick LaFave

Add your Biographical Info and they will appear here.


The ability to view results has been down for 4 days without fixing and only one general response. Our group literally can’t go forward with our work because we don’t know our poll results and can’t get a reply or to have the data sent to us. I would suggest using someone else until they stablilize.

Nick LaFave

Hi Peter. Sorry you’re having trouble with Poll & Match. I was able to pull up the results from some older polls just now, but haven’t conducted any new ones lately.

G O'Flaherty

Hi Nick,

Does this tool allow for questions other than topic. For instance, if I am trying to create interdisciplinary groups, can I add question asking for their major and then the matching will take that into account to avoid having five chem majors with only one bio and insteand have a chem, a bio, an english etc mixed together?

Nick LaFave

That’s a great question. I don’t think this tool would work for creating groups in that way. Now I’m looking for a solution. Surely one exists.


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