Strategies for Transforming Students into Scientists

Monitoring Environmental Change

Strategies for Transforming Students into Scientists

Resources and links from my session for Teaching Excellence and Achievement Fellows 2016.

Monitoring Environmental Change with iBooks

Monitoring Environmental Change with iPads

A Step-by-step guide to help educators empower students to take part in real science.  Teachers will learn how to create an effective environmental monitoring program using iPads, and strategies to help students to analyze data they collect in meaningful ways.

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Organizations Mentioned During the Session

Phenology Programs

50 Global Citizen Science Projects

Project Subject Area(s)
AgeGuess Biology, Aging
ARTigo Art History, Computer Science
Asteroid Mappers Planetary Astronomy
Aurorasaurus Space Physics, Aurora
BioDiversity Heritage Library Taxonomy, Ornithology, Entomology, Zoology, Botany
Cities at Night Light Pollution
Crowdcrafting Biology, Physics,Economy, Social,Medicine, Art,Humanities,Ecology,Conservation
CyanoTracker Algal Bloom, Water Quality
Disk Detective Astronomy
eBird Ornithology
eOceans Marine Ecology, Marine Debris, Ornithology, Climate Change
eShark Marine Ecology, Marine Management,Tourism
EyeWire Neuroscience
Foldit Biology, Proteins
Galaxy Zoo Astronomy
Genographic Project Population Genetics
Geo-Wiki Land cover validation
GeoTag-X Disaster Risk Reduction
Great Backyard Bird Count Ornithology
Great World Wide Star Count Astronomy
iNaturalist Botany, Entomology, Ecology, Lepidopterology, Ornithology, Phenology, Zoology
Instant Wild Wildlife, Ecology, Species Diversity, Conservation,Z oology
iSeahorse Ichthyology, Ecology, Marine Biology, Marine Conservation, Zoology
iSpot Nature
MangroveWatch Wetlands, Monitoring, Mangrove, Conservation, Ecology
Manta Matcher – The Wildbook for Manta Rays Marine Ecology, Conservation Biology, Ecology
Mars Mappers Planetary Astronomy
Moon Mappers Planetary Astronomy
Notes from Nature Botany, Entomology, Ornithology, Mycology
Old Weather Climatology
Orca Game Bioacoustics
Penguin Watch Ornithology
Pieris Project Lepidopterology, Entomology
Planet Mappers: Mercury Planetary Astronomy
Plankton Project Marine Biology, Zoology
Quantum Moves Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics
Radio Galaxy Zoo Astronomy
Safecast Radiation, Air Quality
SatCam Meteorology
Science Gossip Biodiversity, Libraries, Art
Secchi Disk Phytoplankton
SETI@home Astronomy
Socientize Life Sciences
SPLASSH Water Quality, Pollution
Stardust@Home Astronomy
Target Asteroids! Planetary Astronomy
theSkyNet Astronomy, Computing
VerbCorner Linguistics Wildlife
Wildsense Tigers Wildlife

Citizen Science sites based on information from

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