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While I’m not a big fan of multiple-choice assessment, it can still serve a function in quick, low-level, formative assessment and sadly some teachers are still required to use it.

I previously wrote about using Google Forms for online assessment.  Now I’ll walk you through the easiest way to grade student responses in less than a minute with Flubaroo.  Flubaroo is a free add-on for Google Sheets.  You can download it at http://www.flubaroo.com/.

Ask with Google Forms Grade with Flubaroo

Grading with Flubaroo

After you have downloaded Flubaroo, and students have completed an assessment Google Forms, you’ll need to view their responses in Google Sheets.  It sounds like a lot of steps, but it’s really as simple as the two shown below.

1 Results as Spreadsheet

Once in Google Sheets, enable Flubaroo

2 Enable Flubaroo

Grade the Assignment

3 Grade Assignment

 Select Question Options and Points

4 Grading Options

Choose an Answer Key

5 Select the Key

Analyze the Results

View the average score per student and per question.  Commonly missed questions are highlighted in orange.

Flubaroo Results

Provide Feedback

Teachers are given the option to email grades with or without answer keys, and to include an optional message.

Send Feedback via Email

Students Receive Grades via Email

Flubaroo Results Email

 More Than Multiple Choice

Flubaroo has a few features that enable it to be used for more than just multiple-choice questions.  One of my favorites is the ability to accept numerical answers that fall within a range (i.e. 20-24).  You can also choose to grade questions manually (i.e. short-answer, open-ended) and assign any point value you would like.

Flubaroo is a great tool to make grading easier for teachers using Google Forms for assessment.

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