The Best of Technology in the Classroom 2015

What Are Your Favorite EdTech Resources of 2015?Listly - The best of technology in the classroom.

The main goal of this site is to share EdTech resources with teachers.  Join me in sharing your favorite resource for implementing technology in the classroom.  It could be a site or an app — really anything that will benefit other teachers and students.

I added 50 resources (all free) to get us started.  The list includes some of my favorites from the past year. The list was created using Listly.  It’s a great site for building lists that others can add to, comment on, or even vote on.  With Listly, making great looking lists that you can embed in your website is easy and quick.

Vote for Your Favorite EdTech Resource

You can vote for as many resources as you wish by clicking on the thumbs up button.  The list gets sorted in order of popularity.  Please add any additional resources that you think belong on the list by clicking “Add to List.”  You will need to login or create a free account to vote.  I’d prefer no login required, but that’s not currently an option.

Voter early. Vote Often.

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