Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Your Productivity – Back to Basics

Essential Keyboard ShortcutsKeyboard shortcuts may seem insignificant, but the time they save can really add up.  This is especially true for commonly used functions.  For most functions you can remove your hands from the keyboard, move your cursor to the appropriate menu, and then scroll down to click the command, or you can just click two keys.

Back to Basics

This post will bring us back to basics with ten keyboard shortcuts that everyone should use.  All of these shortcuts require the use of only two keys.  Just simultaneously hold down the Control key and one letter to save a bit of time and few clicks.  Mac Users: Use the Command key instead of the Control Key.

The Bottom FourBottom Row Keyboard Shortcuts - MacBottom Row Keyboard Shortcuts - PC

Four of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts involve the first four letters of the bottom row (Z,X,C,V).

Control Z : Undo your last action.

Control X: Remove selected content to the Clipboard.

Control C: Copy selected content to the Clipboard.

Control V: Paste Clipboard contents into the current window.


Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Text

Text Formatting Shortcuts

Essential keyboard shortcuts for formatting text:

Control B:  Make selected text bold.

Control I: Italicize selected text.

Control U: Underline selected text.


Three More Time Savers for Commonly Used Functions

Control S: Save the file you are working on.

Control P Opens the print menu.

Control F: Opens a search bar allowing you to find a word or words on a page.

What’s your favorite keyboard shortcut? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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Nick LaFave

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Jeff Jones

Nice list! I frequently use “Ctrl – Alt – Print Scrn” to capture the screen and paste it into Paint or Word, etc.


For a Mac, the “right click” equivalent, control +click to pull up other functions is so valuable. When I show students this, it’s like a whole new world for them as most of my students have not used anything but Macs.


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