Convert PDF Documents into Editable Files in Three Steps


The folks at offer a free tool that Convert PDF Files in 3 Stepsmakes converting PDF files a breeze.  Convert PDFs into editable Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Files.  You can also create PDF files.  This tool is totally free and there is no file size limit.


After selecting the file type, just upload the file you want to convert, enter your email address and click to convert.  You will receive the download link to the converted file in your inbox.  Files are deleted from their servers after 24 hours.


  • Safe – user’s privacy is always protected.
  • No limit on file size or number of documents.
  • Converts scanned PDFs as well.
  • Fast, three-step accurate conversion.
  • Hassle-free – no need to buy or install anything on your computer.


They also offer paid comprehensive PDF software if you’re looking for more features.


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Nick LaFave

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John Padula

Hello, Nick:

Thanks for your post on this tool. I wanted to add onto this and point out an often overlooked feature of Google Drive (especially in the new drive).

Drive allows you to convert PDF files into an editable Google Document if you have your settings setup properly. Just go under the Settings gear, and choose "Convert uploaded files to Google docs editor format".

With this option set, when you upload your PDF, you'll get a Google Doc format of your file. What I really like about this is your Google version has your original PDF version embedded within it, so you can refer back to how the original looked – in case there are any formatting changes required.

As a technology teacher, I've used this with great success for students who need text-to-speech (TTS) accommodations. When the text file being used in class is in PDF, TTS tools don't usually do the speech translation. I just upload the PDF to my Google drive, get the converted Google Doc, delete the PDF-ized pages from the document, then download the file to a Mac (for example) as a Word doc that can easily be read to the student.

It is quite a useful, but hidden, tool within Google!

Thanks again for all your ed-tech picks!


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