3 Simple Random Name Selectors for the Classroom

3 Simple Random Name Selectors for the Classroom

Sometimes you just need a simple way of picking students at random.  No bells and whistles, no sound effects, no animations… just a quick way to randomly pick a name.  Here are three basic random name generators.

Random Name Picker

It’s as simple as: 1) Paste or type a list of names.  2) Click “Pick a Random Name. 3) The random name appears.


Random Student Selector

Entering names is a little tricker on this one as it seemed to work better with a space between each line when copying and pasting.  The Random Student Selector won’t select students twice in a row. The other impressive feature is that each time a name is selected it’s less likely to be picked again.

Random Chooser

Random Chooser features the simplicity of Random Name Picker, and it does not feature advertisements like the two sites above.
Looking for a way to randomly generate groups?  Check out Team Maker.

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