Turn Long URLs Into Short, Student Friendly, Custom URLs with Bitly

Create Custom Shortened URLs with Bitlywww.bitly.com 

A link shortener is a handy way to take long, hard to remember URLs and shorten them into something that is much more manageable.  My favorite, Bitly, is not only free and easy to use, but it also lets you create custom URLs.

Just paste a long link into the text box on the top of the page to turn a link like this


into a link like this


No account is required to shorten a link, but Signing up for a free account allows you to customize your shortened link.  The link above is for a Jing Tutorial.  I was able to give it the custom url of bit.ly/JingSteps


Bitly offers several other features worth exploring, including statistics on link traffic, browser extensions, and bookmarklets.

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