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The easiest way to gather resources and information at ISTE was through the scanning of QR Codes.  One quick scan with a free reader sent me directly to all the resources I needed for most of the sessions I attended.  Several attendees asked what I used to make the QR codes for my Twitter in The Classroom poster session, so that’s what I’ll share this week. SnippQR has become my favorite way to create visually appealing QR codes to direct readers to URLs for free. QR (Quick Response) Codes are a form of barcode
that anyone can make.  They can be read using any number of free apps for smart phones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

SnippQR provides multiple ways to customize the appearance of your QR codes including the use of pictures within your code.  You can use their pictures or upload one of your own.

 How to Make Your QR Code

Getting started is easy!

The site provides detailed tips and suggestions for ensuring your QR code will be easily readable, and even requires that you test your QR code with a simple click before finishing.  Once the code looks the way you want it, just click “Email My Custom QR Code,” enter your email address, and you will receive your QR code as an image file within seconds.

Test your code, and send it to yourself.

Using QR Codes in the Classroom

As a classroom tool, I’ve used QR codes to allow students to check their answers on review sheets, for scavenger throughout campus, and as a way for parents to access my website and contact information from my syllabus.

Looking for other ways to effectively use QR codes in class?
Check out this short look at How QR Codes Can Make a Difference in the Classroom, and these 50 QR code resources for the classroom.

Want to use a QR code to share multiple URLs?  Link your code to a BridgeURL

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